College Leadership Program

Don't waste your college years!

At Bluegrass Youth for Christ we have a saying that sums up our challenge for college students. It simply is:  "Don't be a tourist."  More and more college students are heading to their college campuses, setting up in the dorms and allowing 4 years to pass them by without making a difrerence in the community that God put them in. 

We have a great solution to that. 

We actively seek college students who want to make a difference in the Central Kentucky area by serving 1-5 hours a week in a local school tutoring, mentoring, and sharing Jesus through our campus life clubs. 

Our college leaaders not only change the community around them but learn valuable leadership skills that they will use throughtou their lives. Interested? If so, we'd love to buy you coffee or lunch and talk more about it!  Check out our information below: 

Chris Millard-Executive Director

859-797-1428 | Email: [email protected]